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& this is the history of pastel smash:i remember a summer night, i was searching for pictures of my (THEN) favorite celebrity, jessica simpson, i found a website, with some gorgeous icons, that inspired me to try graphic designing, again. i had a couple myspace layout sites prior, in other words lyts, and oh so scene, but then i didn't really understand how layout sites and coding worked. so they went sour and i created agency layouts, which turned into agency studios, there was my learning experience, i learned myspace layout sites etiquette, and how coding really worked.
my niece was jealous of my myspace layout site, and soon she was asking me to help her with one, she didn't really have a feel for the layout making, or really anything. so after she got tired of her site, i got tired of agency, which had gotten 1k in about three months. then, i made a new site and called it lovestoned, i got grounded and totally forgot the login, so i took over my neice's myspace layout site, and renamed it, dawson's creek, that summer i was obsessed with that show, i got that account to about 1.3k in a month, and quickly got tired of it. i decided to start fresh, and i named my new site ehmmagod, a name i found on someone's 'site name' list (a list with ideas you could use as site names), and i got 1k in 2 days, that site was quickly becoming a hit. until about three weeks later i got a message from a girl telling me that ehmmagod was her old site name, that she wasn't even using, i understood her position, but she was kinda mean to me giving the fact i had no clue it was hers before. i didn't argue, told her i didn't know, and changed ehmmagod, to publicity, i got bored with that name then changed it to snappkissed, got bored with that, then changed it to shop kitson, then i got bored of that and i changed my name to smitten, until my friend, told me some other girl had that name for her site. i'm sure i'm leaving off some other site names i had, but i'm sure that won't ruin your day.
i've always had a problem with people saying you need to have a photo editing program like photoshop, in order to be successful. the truth is for most of my layout sites, i used plain old paint. if you really have talent you could create something out of paint that looks as good as photoshop only with more passion. don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something, or you can only do it one way, don't follow the crowd, create your own path and run with it. (:
3 years online!i can hardly believe i've had my own little .com for two years now, it is funny i can still remember how much fun i had connecting nameservers, having to buy hosting, learning how to use iframes, coding my site in php, dealing with my first and only (so far) set of stealers. it's been a ride, one of my favorite moments is becoming affiliates with one of my now besties, karla. her site sour pop ave. taught me how to put up layout codes and do so much, it was amazing being able to be friends with someone who basically inspired me to start my site.
there has been a lot of good times, a lot of difficult times, but never any bad times, because this site is my creative release, when i need to just sit down create something it all goes here, for all of you to see and use. i hope some of the things i do can inspire all of you.
thinking of starting a site?if you are thinking of starting a site, i whole heartedly encourage you to do so, there's nothing better than to see a site build itself up and succeed, and if i have anything to do with that, i feel great. if you need help, please don't hesitate to contact me via the link below. i will help you as much as i can, just ask anyone who has needed my help before, i'm always here! (:
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a myspace site... without myspace?well, it's almost a necessity to keep the site going and fresh. due to myspace trying to contend with facebook's popularity, it's nearly impossible to keep up with all the coding changes, and that makes it extremely hard to come up with content for myspace these days. it's been coming for almost a year and a half now, myspace is simply damaging it's own persona by changing what everyone loved about it. which was mainly layouts, the simplicity of myspace was also a big plus, now simplicity has gone out the window, and there's not much option anymore for layouts. which is a downer, i'm sure you have noticed (if you still even attempt to get on myspace) that your friends list is dwindling and the friends you have don't get on themselves. to put it frankly, myspace is dead. if myspace could revert to it's initial coding then we'd all be happier. you can still find myspace on the site, but really none of it is relavent anymore. maybe one day, myspace can accept it's not facebook and revert back to it's original charm so we could all resume our usual myspace routine. sadly, i'm almost positive it won't happen. so... just enjoy facebook! (;
old myspace stuff can be found here.