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okay, away we go.

hello, world.
it’s been a long time since i’ve updated the site, a lot has went on. i know it seems like an excuse that i have used many times before, and a generic excuse that every other website in the world has used countless times, and i can honestly admit that at times when i’ve used said excuse before, i was really just lazy. now, i can honestly say there’s been a lot going on. life happens, and it doesn’t give you a break to sort it all out, you just have to keep going.
i will dabble in a little bit of what’s been going on, first and foremost i met a guy, he’s wonderful. second, i’ve been working roughly 40 hour weeks at ‘the arches‘, mtv give our mcdonald’s a reality show and i guarantee watchers will never be bored. drama is all there is, there’s never a day that goes by where someone isn’t enticing an engaged man, yelling, bitching, gossiping, trying to get someone fired, and other such drama. it’s hell. i’ve been taking care of my best friend, lee, while his dad is sick, making sure the kid gets to work considering no one wants to take him, and he has no car or license. i’m his surrogate mother, i love that kid. (:
i’ve also been spending time with my best friend christina and her kids, they are beautiful, sweet and joyful, they make me want to pop out a couple of my own, haha. there’s been a tremendous amount of drama with my friends from work, one quit, one broke off his engagement because he fell in love with a manager who is old enough to be his mother, who has two kids, and an ex-husband she’s still in love with, but won’t admit it. there’s been suspensions, write-ups, a virgin losing her virginity to some guy who was gay and might have aids? still unclear on the details, but i really don’t want to know them anyway.
family wise, there’s always drama there, and with the holidays here it multiplies by a thousand. someone trying to trick a pregnancy on their significant other, seperation anxieties from loved ones, medical problems and such.

this summer i got a kitten, i named her gucci mane bublè. when i first got her she was so scared to be away from her mother and her sisters. i felt bad for her, i wanted her to warm up to me as soon as possible so i decided to stay on the back porch with her for three days straight, we passed the time by watching old disney movies via youtube, and by the second day she was my shadow i even left my hoodie out for her to cuddle with. she was simply darling, on my first date with my new guy, i introduced the tiny little girl and his ever so witty self asked ‘does she rap?‘, maybe i’m the only one that thinks that was simply cute. the downfall to getting gucci was my older cat that i’ve had for years and years, who acted like my baby and followed me everywhere i went, cabrera ryan cabrera, didn’t enjoy having gucci around at all, and resented me for bringing her home. he wouldn’t come around me anymore and always hissed and growled at me and smacked poor little gucci.
on november 10th, i came home from work my friend lee was with me, and we were wondering where little gucci was. so we decided to go look for her, when we found her in the backyard she was dead. it was the worst day of my life, i’ve never been so upset, and i never knew anyone could cry as much as i did. it took me thirty minutes to even begin to think about moving into the house to tell my mom, i couldn’t bury her by myself, and lee who’s not good with emotion at all i might add had migrated to the porch to give me some privacy i guess. when we buried her under the tree i made sure to have gucci’s favorite songs from when we stayed on the back porch together playing, first was Me and Mrs. Jones by Michael Bublè, and gucci liking that song so much is how she got michael as her baby daddy, then lemonade by gucci mane.
now that gucci is gone, cabrera is basically back to his sweet self, but it came at the cost of gucci’s life, so it’s hard to enjoy. we don’t know what happened to gucci, she didn’t get into any poison, nothing attacked her, she wasn’t sick at all, she was completely upbeat and her normal kitten self as she had been all summer and fall, i miss her sweet face.


Monday, November 29th, 2010 @ 01:45 AM.

24 comments so far.

  1. Lee is awesome says:

    listen to supa dupa lemonade , gucci , waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas cool lol , kanye west is awesome !!! best rapper ever
    P.S. im awesome

  2. sade says:

    melinda! how’ve you been ?:)
    haha, nice to see your still at work with psmash, haha
    I got tired of my site crashing down on me :|
    so blogging it is :)
    oooh, loool I wish that was a reality show, thatd be hilarious! oh my about the manager-mom status love affair/:]
    I love that cat name:D makes me laugh.

  3. beckee says:

    for two seconds … or five minutes, i thought you meant MTV had actually given your mickey d’s a show. ha.

    omg girl. you don’t kid when you say a lot’s been going on. i’ve only been doing school stuff and i feel swamped. and i hear ya on the family drama during the holidays – really anytime of year with my family LOL but mostly during the holidays old feelings flare up lol

    & aww i’m sorry about your kitty :( she seemed like a sweetie :(

  4. Melinda says:

    lol, thanks for the comment, lee! (that’s my bff i mentioned in my blog.)

  5. beckee says:

    i’m in the hospital now – 2 days a week! i was on the cardio floor for 7 wks & now i’m in the psych unit at another hospital. Def not going to be a psych nurse but it’s interesting to see things i wouldn’t otherwise be able to see y’know?

    this semester has been sooo easy tho! so i’m glad about that. i think i’ve had one test and maybe 2 quizzes since i started in september lol but right now it’s getting pretty hectic since i’m done in 2 wks!

    in other news, i’m sneaking off to NYC in april lol. my ‘rents think i’m going to this school conference but i’m going to this makeup artist show for the wkend :) already got my plane ticket and everything, so excited =) so shhh dont say anything !! ;)

  6. kayla says:

    I love yours too! marilyn = love! <3
    Aww i'm sorry you had a boring thanksgiving! hopefully your christmas will be amazing.
    glad to see your back on here! :)

  7. kayla says:

    haha i’m glad! i love older movies. marilyn and audrey hepbun’s mostly. some others too.

    and i know its hard to make stuff. i’ve tried to keep blogging. and resources are always good.
    I also am obsessed with tumblr at the moment lol.

  8. kayla says:

    ohh have you seen any of her movies? i’ve seen like 6 or 7. i love some like it hot and gentlemen prefer blondes. how to marry a millionaire is good too. dont both to knock was good as well, but it was weird seeing her in that role for some reason lol.

    anyway, i usually dont have too much to blog about either, except work lol. i only have been blogging when i make a new layout which isnt too often lol

  9. kayla says:

    really? that stinkss lol.
    you should try getting netflix :)

    yeah i wish i blogged every day but i just don’t lol. only sporadically. haha

  10. kayla says:

    haha really? i got it a few months ago. its amazing. i get the dvds and i use it on ps3. it usually works pretty well, although our internet doesnt always work on the ps3 so not all the time haha.

  11. kayla says:

    really? thats odd. maybe your internet signal isnt strong lol.
    aw your lucky. i wish it would snow here. its just raining. i’d like it better if it was snowing ‘cuz i have to walk to the bus stop to get to work lol.

  12. kayla says:

    i surely hope so lol. i love the snow. everyone else hates it but not me. i think its pretty.

  13. Faye says:

    Welcome back! :) I give the same excuse every time ive been away for a while. I think my visitors have learnt that really, Im not gonna update when I say im gonna… it will just randomly happen. heh.
    40 hours a week? Mannnn youve been working hard! :)

    Awh, im really sorry about your kitten (freaking awesome name for her if I do say so myself!) I wonder how she died? If she was all healthy and hadnt been attacked or anything… at least she died seemingly peacefully I guess. still very sad. :( she looked gorgeous!

  14. kayla says:

    i knoww lol. i just saw that its gonna snow here on monday. yayy. XD

  15. kayla says:

    yeahh lol. although im sure if i had to drive in it i wouldnt like it all that much.

  16. SANDY! says:

    i’m sooo sorry! i hope it gets better. i’m still a frequent visitor of your site and i’ll follow you through(:

    i’m glad you found a boyfriend! i’m still waiting for mine(:

  17. Tiffany says:

    OMG your are back:) WE should get each others facebook or tumblr or twitter or whatever you use :) haha and mhm you seem busy. lol so your Mcdonalds is getting a reality show? haha you still work there i guess! and ohhh a new guy :) haha Congrads:) I am glad you are getting into your site too:) and mhm yea live without regrets:)

  18. Melinda says:

    awh, thank you sandy for sticking with pastel smash, it means a lot to me! also thanks for the words of encouragement, and i hope you find an amazing sweet boy who treats you right and thinks the world of you! you deserve it! (:

  19. Quynh says:

    HII MELINDA! :) It’s been a long timee! ^^ How are you?! Thank you for stopping by; I’ve been wanting to stop by and leave you a comment but I’m pretty much in the same situation as you. I’m so busy with a lot of things that I dont even know where to begin when it comes to blabbering about the things going on.

    Reading your blog scares me a little because it’s exactly how I imagined life will be once I enter reality. :((( I dont want to! >< I wish i was a freshmen agai in HS, argh.

    AWWW :(( I'm so sorry about Gucci! She's so cuteee!

  20. Afef says:

    i’m so sorry to hear about Gucci :( :( :( i had a little kittie staying with us as well named Patches – she only stayed with us for 2 weeks and we found her dead as well :( unfortunately our case was that she had some sick internal organs (we took her to the vet to find out what might have happened) she was with us for so little, but i still miss her – she was so well behaved for a kittie! :(

  21. Mary says:

    i love this site melinda! you have really inspired me! Im 12 and i use coding and stuff, all of which ive learned from pastel smash!
    Thank you so much
    love mary age 12, liverpool uk

  22. Faye says:

    :( yeah, wierd…
    ooooh, your birthday!!! Whoop! Happy birthday for when your birthday is! :) Maybe you shoulds treat yourself to a kitten for your bday? I know you wont be able to replace gucci… but it might be nice?? :) x

  23. – On the other hand it wasn’t funny at all to watch David Reutimann after his car crashed into the wall late in the race. It was obvious that he was hurt watching him slumped in his seat and then slow to finally pull his window net down. Apparently the g-force impact from the crash was among the hardest ever recorded. Now there’s one record book I wouldn’t want to be a part of. But most importantly Reutimann was able to walk away from it all and is doing ok now.

  24. Pauline says:

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