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previous layouts: i guess you can say i've been putting this off for like 7 months, but oh well. here are some layouts that i've made for the site, i doubt i'll put every single one up but i will put up some of my faves and ones that are pretty different. although i've had since 010608, i'm just starting this as of 082308., this layout was an exciting one for me, it's completely different from what i've usually done, and i even exceeded my 'no more than 2 fonts' rule! i used 3! lmao, well this one came out of nowhere for me, i was surfing psdelightful one day, and bam pillows! what an inspiration!? anyways, i loved the colors and the pillows tied into interior design, which i love. the splash was cute in the corner and it tied to whole page together, it kept the flow going. the tables were rounded which game the layout a trendy sophisticated look, and i really don't know how i came up with the ideas that i did. i think this layout marked a new beginning for the site. i put major effort into it, and i'm happy with how it came together. i also think it's pretty unique and quite adorable, i learned a couple of new things while putting this layout together, from how to code my own stats, to read only browser codes, it was an adventure. click the thumbnail for a bigger picture.
v2.ahhh, anyone who visits my site regularly know i have a thing for changing layouts too often, this layout was put up barely a week after v1 was made. this one's pretty unique there's not a lot of layouts that are like this one. the main reason for this change was because i was revamping the site i was on it a lot and looking at it 5 or so hours out of the day so therefore it seemed like it had been on the site for years. lol, i also had installed some new scripts that the layout didn't look quite as well with. i learned how to create hover navigations to save space and give the layout more creative freedom, all in all, this layout was the fourth i made in 2 days, i made one which i couldn't get the css to mesh with, the secong one, i don't even remember my problem with, and the third was too much like previous layouts. this one just fit, well for at least another week. jk. click the thumbnail for a bigger picture.
v3.this layout featured jessica simpson and lasted on the site forever, it was one of my favorites, very simple header and css, but it all flowed together very nicely. i'd been messing around with the header image for months before i got to the final result. i tried many different ways of placing the header and so on and so forth, but it finally worked out for the best. i loved the picture itself, and the editing made it so much more girlier, and pastelier, not that either of those words are in fact words, but hey, whatever. i think overall this layout lasted a month or more. which is pretty good for my layouts they are usually up and out within two weeks. the ones with jessica simpson usually stay the longest just because i think she's the best of the hollywood starlets and such.
v4.this layout also featured jessica simpson for the same reasons i'm sure i mentioned above, it of course lasted for quite some time as well. this one was kind of identical to the last one in a lot of ways, the css was similiar, and the header was also alike. after this layout i got tired of this style for a while and jumped into something more drastic and different. this layout lasted i think also over a month. i finally broke down and changed it because i was in desperate need of a new style for a while and that's what i ended up giving the site. i did get a really funny comment on this one, i was sitting here thinking that this photoshoot jess was in in seventeen magazine was giving her a niave friendly sweet look, but if i recall correctly someone told me that she looked possesed or something. i personally thought that was a little strange, but it did get me thinking about i and i soon decided to change out the 'possesed' jess.
v5.this layout was inspired by a very inspiring man. heath ledger. somehow in a quest for new content i put together easily one of the best layouts i've ever made. definitely the best one i have listed here. this layout brought me immense happiness everytime i came to my site. heath's bright face and sexy developing smirk made my day. a funny story, i made this layout late late at night, early early in the morning. when i finished i crashed in my bed and slept for a good 12 hours, then i woke up ate some cereal and waltzed over to my computer to check out the site. as the site loaded i became immensely confused, i was like: this isn't my site, i could never make a layout that impressive. then i slowly realized i did indeed make that layout. then giggle quietly to myself only to recall the story later in a conversation with my oldest sister. basically i loved this layout. i never really planned to change it, i only did because i decided to put ads on the site, and there was no place for a leaderboard. plus i surely didn't want to distract from mister ledger with a measely leaderboard. who would? (:
v6.this layout came about after like 4 days trying to come up with a new better solution to the layout i had on the site prior, which wasn't worthy of being listed here i'm sorry to say. i came up with about six different styles before i came up with this one, i was trying to emulate a layout i had on rock & redbeard at the time. nothing came about quite as well as it turned out over there, originally the header was much larger. 950px in width i recall, but after messing with codings and such i implemented a 3 column layout, which was very compact. luckily for me, i came up with the idea of resizing the header and formatting it to fit this particular stylesheet, and i think the result was better than the intention. this layout once again features a miss jessica simpson, who coincidentally the first blog with this layout casually mentioned. i reinstated a regular link navigation, and gave the dropdown for a rest, trying to see if it helped any of my users find what they wanted easier. i saw that tons of higher rated google searches has their content listed like this instead of being fancy and practical such as my self. so after a discussion with some buds i decided to give this caveman like style a try. haha.
v7.i created this layout around september. this quickly became one of my favorite layouts. i was inspired by a new picture i found of the late heath ledger in his upcoming (December 25, 2009) movie, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. The idea for the color scheme and setup came from a comb i have. The comb has a beautiful pink, black, and white stripe color sheme. Every time i looked at that comb, i would say to myself, melinda, you should make a layout like this, and so one night i finally sat down and did just that. recreated the black stripe at the top, the pink stripe in the middle, and the white stripe and the edge of the comb. This layout stayed up for about four months, which is a long time for someone like me who usually changes layouts out often. i traded this layout out only for another layout featuring mr. ledger, because no one replace him! (:
v8.♥ ♥ ♥ oh, drake. who doesn't love this lyrical ballah? this was a layout which started of my summer, i would check the site every day and look into those gorgeous eyes and i was just inspired to update. not much new going on with the layout, i made it a little larger, stuck with the old fashioned arial font, not much out of the normal. this layout lasted about a month, maybe a little longer, or actually a little shorter. i can't even remember, haha. my friend lee got me obsessed with drake, he begged me to download some drake songs so he could listen to them while i drove him around, i was nice enough to do so. after that i slowly became more and more into drake, then birdman, those two are my faves. lil wayne is aight, but certainly no drake. the funny thing is i used to make fun of lee because he was obsessed with drake, and i would always tell him there was no way drake could be any good, i mean he played on degrassi for goodness sake! happily, i was very wrong, now i will tell anyone that he is the best rapper like ever.
v9.i truly adored this layout, it featured the amazingly beautiful kate beckinsale. it was a personal favorite that was on the site for months and months. i really had no intentions of making a new layout until i had been messing around in photoshop making blends. then it all just clicked. i said to myself, this must become your new layout! so it did! i admittedly got carried away with my styling, trying to make it look the best i could, even getting one complaint that the text was too hard to read. they were using internet explorer, no doubt. shame, shame. lol. after months and a new found drive to update the site it was time to retire ms. beckinsale. this layout will always be a personal favorite, though.
v10.♥ ♥ ♥ of course, i was going to have more heath ledger layouts! this one was in honor of the third year anniversary of his death. which i created two days a year, that i consider personal holidays to celebrate his life and the wonderful movies he left with us, the day of his death, january 22, and the day of his birth april 4. this layout was a favorite, but was actually short lived by only about a week and a half of display time. in this layout i brought back my dropdown navigation system, that so many used to be jealous of. the stylesheet was really simple with a nice easy to read text and had it's most interesting point being the header featuring heath ledger, which is the way it should be! i have had many, many, many heath ledger layouts, and i guarantee i will happily have many, many, many more! ♥
v11.♥ ♥ ♥ oh, more mr. ledger? i think so! let's add some jake gyllenhaal too! this layout has a lot of sentimental value to me. i almost felt bad for this layout, though. you just can't do two such beautiful people justice on a simple web layout. i found the picture used in the header and instantly fell in love with it. i love finding unseen pictures of heath, it is almost magical like all the unseen moments help you to think of him as if he were still alive, which in my opinion he should be. this layout was very simple and was actually the first layout i changed around the tables for, making the center table content, and having the sidebars on either side, which i love. i also kept the dropdown navigation, and took the ad leaderboard and hid it at the bottom instead of being the first thing you see when you visit, which i also love.
v12.oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! this layout i really, really loved. ginnifer goodwin is an amazing actress, and sooooo gorgeous! i did this layout to do my little part in promoting something borrowed which just so happens to be a movie based on my favorite authors first book, and if it does well (which i pray it does) there will be a sequal which is my absolute favorite book of all time, something blue! emily giffin, the author is an amazing writer, and a very beautiful person. the whole movie was more than any fan could have hoped for and i hope you all see it at least once in your wonderful lives! ♥ the layout was once again very simple, and this time around i made the tables smaller, i added simple background accents to the layout, and everything else pretty much stayed the same.