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photoshop actions photoshop actions are a gift from heaven. they are a great photo editing tool for any photoshop user. what some of you may not understand is how to install them, well this tutorial is for you! (:
first download a photoshop action, then extract it from any folders it may be in. then open up your photoshop window. after your photoshop has loaded, open up the folder which you have saved the photoshop action, then click and drag the photoshop action into the photoshop window and bam, it's installed. (:
to use the photoshop action, search for the window in photoshop which contains the 'actions' tab, and click on it. then click on whatever action you would like to use, open up the dropdown by clicking the arrow pointed right, then it should open up a dropdown and the arrow should point down, next click on the first white line with the next right pointing arrow and press the play button, the right pointing arrow. (:
to create a photoshop actions follow these directions.
locate your 'actions' window, then click on the folder icon, name your set and confirm it. then once it appears in your 'actions' window and then click on it. after that click on the icon to the right of the folder icon and to the left of the trash can. name the new action make sure it's in the correct folder then click record. after you click record anything you do in photoshop will be recorded into the action. you can press the stop button, the square, to stop recording and then you can start recording again by pressing the record button, the circle. if you've got any thing recorded in your action you need to get rid of click on it and then click on the trash can icon, once you get the hang of it, it'll come a lot easier. it really all sounds more complicated than it really is.
if you have any more questions, click here, and ask away.