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up all night.

alright, so i’m totally re-doing this blog. i had something completely different wrote, but i found it completely boring and felt bad for anyone that felt the need to read it so this will be take 2!
first off, as you might be able to tell i have completely re-coded the site, it took me 36 hours. plus the four or five days before that i spent making the new layout, but i feel that it was well worth it, and i do hope you feel the same way! i feel bad for my best friend, lee, who was with me the whole 36 hours, i pretty much forced him to watch the vampire diaries, but don’t let him lie to you… he loves it!
it was even his idea to stay up the other night while i coded, i came to a point at about 4am that i decided we should go to bed, and he was like ‘i’m not tired.’, so he watched vampire diaries and i kept coding, until i looked at the clock and it said 7am then i was like ‘we really should at least get a couple hours of sleep.’, and he was like ‘nah, we should just stay up! i’m going to get in the shower.’ so he went and did his thing, and i kept doing mine. then i got in the shower like 45 minutes later, because i had to wait until the water heated back up because he uses up all the hot water, jerk. haha.
so about an hour after we each got our respective showers, this dork ends up falling asleep for at least three hours! after his whiny butt wanted to stay up and i wanted to sleep! so after he wakes up he realizes he was supposed to meet our buddy, mike, like half an hour before, then we debated what i was going to do, because i had two other friends trying to get me to hang out with them, and the fact i wasn’t even close to finishing my site at the time, but i ended up being the good friend who takes his car-less, license-less butt to play basketball and then later to hardee’s for food. would you like to know how he repaid me? he disappeared at 1am last night. yeah… sweet, right? i figured he went off to his bed (which is a couch, lmao.) because he had been falling asleep all day, and when i went out to check he had vanished, no doubt getting our friend, justin, to pick him up. lmao.
the funny thing is he was basically begging me to write a blog about him, and i guess he won again because this blog is basically about him. that dork.
i do have a lot of new content up, i took all the stuff from my other site rock & redbeard and moved it here, because in the next week or so rock & redbeard is becoming my next project, i have an idea that i hope works out, and that everyone thinks is pretty cool. we will have to see how it goes!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 @ 02:13 AM.

74 comments so far.

  1. kayla says:

    you’re work paid off. damnnn the site looks fantastic. although i’m not entirely sure you need to stay up for 36 hours to do it, but thats okay. :)

  2. KNZ says:

    hey Mel. I love your new layout. It looks s clean and sleek! i wish i couldn make my layouts like that. It was hard for me before to read your blog post because it was really skinny and I did not know where I was clicking and what nots. You did an amazing job on the coding! it did pay off (: looks great off of my browser

  3. Gloria says:

    Huzzah VD fan!! *high five*
    I’m a little obsessed myself ;) so it’s all good! I can’t believe how they ended it off. I don’t know how I’ll survive til next season. Awesomeee I’ve got the first season too. I hope the next season comes out in not too long. Because of class my bf didn’t get the pleasure of watching most of season 2 so when it comes out I get to watch it all over again with him :D hehe what fun!!
    P.S. your site is looking FIERCE!

  4. Summer says:

    OMFG i love your new layout! im so jealous of your talent :/ i can neer make something this awesome!!! I wish you had a template similar to this hahahahaha! So hows it going?

  5. kayla says:

    unfortunately my day was spent at work as usuall :( how was yours? :D

  6. Summer says:

    HAHA thank you :D and im doing great im glad your doing good too :D latlely i havent been on much just dont feel the whole sub-domain thing i know its silly but thats just me haha silly :P

  7. Summer says:

    yea what are they i might be interested

  8. Esme says:

    Love the new layout! And everything looks so neat and organised! I’m going to look around after.
    I can never stay up all night and be ok the next day. I’ve stayed up once and the next day I had a stomache ache and was really cranky the entire day.

  9. Christine says:

    aw thanks so much! Your site is really nice too =]

  10. Gloria says:

    Thanks :) It basically took me a decent amount of time to do the header and since then I haven’t changed my layout in months. Sort of got tired of things when Myspace changed and there weren’t as many people around.

    I’m team Damon too!! I read the books way back when and I’ve loved him since then, lol and then you find out that someone like Ian Somerhalder gets to play him on tv and it’s just like *droool* :D He couldn’t be more perfect for the part in my opinion!! Lol Katherine was a total bitch! Not even wanting to see the guy and then finding out she really prefers his brother. I felt so bad for Damon.

  11. Manny says:

    Aww thank you soo much :D I love your layout as well! I’m not sure if i like mine or not, i wanna change it around.

    I’m glad they made you laugh hahah, i didn’t know what to write. I hope everythings going good for you :D

  12. Desirae says:

    Hey MEL! Thanks for the compliement :) You’re site is gorgeous! Your icons are amazing <33

  13. BEBE says:

    I totally love your new theme here May!! :) this is so perfect! <3

    and oh.. you guys are so sweet… I was smiling all through while reading your blog. I can't stop imagining the two of you, lovebirds! :)

  14. Christine says:

    MUCH better now that my biology test is over with lol what are you up to??

  15. kayla says:

    oooh sounds better than my day haha. although i am so excited to have tomorrow off. i rarely have saturdays off. :D

  16. kayla says:

    nopee just lounging around all day. possibly going to see the hangover part 2 :D you doing anything fun?

  17. kayla says:

    you have a pool!? jealousss. it just started getting realllly hot where i live. it stinks. i had to put my ac in lol.

  18. Ashley says:

    well first off, i will say it again: I LOVE this new layout! Its amazing :D

    I’m so jealous of all your content. My site is pretty much empty – I haven’t worked on content at all lately. I’m going to today though hopefully! Oh by the way, its back online. I finally finished my layout. Eh, its not that great but oh well!

    I can’t believe you stayed up for 36 hours straight! Ugh, I couldn’t do it. I used to but now anymore lol. I want to go back to bed now!

  19. Olivia says:

    Awww :) I hope i do become a big site <3 I pinky swear, I will not forget you(: Just don't forget me either <3 Since your a bigger site then me, haha(:

    how are you? :)

  20. Olivia says:

    I’m pretty good. I’m watching my favorite movie. I love the Bring It On movies, and i’m watching my favorite one. I just added a new layout to one of my other sites, :D & i’m going to be making content. minus the fact that I’m really hot, i’m good(: haha.

  21. mayra says:

    wow your layout is super cute! (:

  22. Olivia says:

    haha(: yeah.
    I want to have all my sites famous by the end of Summer. I really wish I could make super amazing layouts, wordpress themes. But sadly, I can’t/: haha. it sucks.

  23. Olivia says:

    You were added to my affies, btw :)

  24. Gloria says:

    Awh, yeah it was totally lame. A lot of people went on hiatus or just disappeared. But Myspace is sure getting what it deserves for what it pulled. They’re trying to sell it since they’re losing so much money.

    I agree. Everyone on VD is so perfect and they’re all amazing actors/actresses. I hope they never run out of ideas for the show and keep it going for a nice long while. :D

    The books are also like so completely different from the show which I’m sure not upset about. For the most part I think the show is so much better. Oh shame you haven’t gotten through all the books. The first few weren’t the best but they definitely get better. The newest one I recently read the end was just like O M G! Some crazy stuff happens. The parts with Damon in them are totally my favourite <3 If I ever reread them I think I'd totally skip everything without Damon in it, lol.

  25. sade says:

    melindaa!! :)
    how are you?!
    the header is so chic~~~
    and the la yout looks AMAZINGGGG!! good job!

    thank you for the compliment, upcoming photoshoot soon! :)

  26. Olivia says:

    Haha, yes you just might have to force me! Lol(:

    well, i’m glad your keeping me on your elite <3 that makes me happy[: If I had all my affies on one page, it'd make it all long and ugly/: lmaoo.

  27. Christine says:

    aww that’s really nice! I get to spend time with my family tomorrow =] we’re having a cookout! and yes I’m incredibly relieved that the test is over lol it really wasn’t fair =\ he put stuff on it that wasn’t in our notes or anything

  28. desirae says:

    Really? Thanks <333

    I really do love your stuff as well :)

  29. Tiffany says:

    wow i love the new layout and the 36 hours was totally worth it. You are so lucky to have a friend like Lee to keep you company as you work on your site. I ahve no idea if my friends would do that lol Is there anything between you guys? lol anyway my friend corey (who i went to prom with) always wants a blog about him lol. Mhm well it seems like you guys had fun lol

    and yea thanks for agreewith me me :) I just feel like people who do not have domains should get them

  30. Gloria says:

    For sure!! If only we were millionaires, lol. I hate that you can’t really customize Facebook. Most of the time I just go on Facebook to quickly see what people have been up to, maybe post a status and then play a game before I get bored of it. If it didn’t have any games I’d be on there for like 5-10 minutes maybe. Honestly sometimes I’m just like ’sooo what now’ whereas with how Myspace used to be I’d be on for hours just making stuff and changing the layout. That was the life, haha! :D

    Lol, yeah I can see why you’d get a bit annoyed. Bonnie sure isn’t my favourite character. Also in the book her and Damon had some weird relationship and the whole time I’m just like nooo Elena’s the only one for Damon b!tch, lol.

    I’m pretty sure this is like the ONLY book where I like the tv show so much better! It’s pretty weird how that happened because you’re so right. I’m totally one of those people who are like ughhhhh why did they leave that out gaaaah?!?!?! The worst is usually with movies though especially when it’s a REALLY good book and the movie sucks. That just hurts me!

    Bwhaha no worries about all the caps. XD

  31. desirae says:

    Thanks alot <33

  32. Olivia says:

    haha yeah, I could do that(: Idk, I’ll probably go through them. Take a ton off. lol. Cuz i’m mean(:


  33. Joy says:

    wow, 36 hours? Geez lol. I don’t think I ever bother coding that long. If it’s start getting too complicated, I axe the idea because I don’t really have that much time for it.

  34. sade says:

    I’m alright melinda! I’ve had some reflection time, i’ll be okay :)

    I am still in love with this layout haha! :)
    hmmm what’s been up with me.
    I got my hair done today =) lol
    on a serious note. I’ve been thinking about to college since i’m two years away

  35. crystal says:

    first of I just want to say that I LOVE! your site! the layout is super nice im jealous haha :) && just wanted to say that you are gorgeous as well!

  36. Olivia says:

    Haha, I have the sims downloading on this computer :D which, is my laptop. Which, my laptop is my baby. So, if it hurt’s my laptop, i’m deleting it. Lmao. (:

  37. desirae says:

    My day is going pretty good actually, well except the fact we had no milk so I had milkduds for breakfast.. lol but who can complain about chocolate and carmel…

    How is your day?

  38. Christine says:

    hah I ended up spending the entire day with them though I wish it was outside.. I need some sun =[

  39. Olivia says:

    Lmaaaoo, yeah we should(: lets start!
    I have aim – nightshinebby

    haha ;D

  40. Olivia says:

    yeaahh suree :)
    My facebook is -
    Olivia Autumn Schwab.

    the email is
    :) haha, lets do this<3

  41. desirae says:

    Well, at least it got better :)
    Ohh celeb gossip! <3

  42. Kaydee says:

    Awe! thanks babydoll. I appreciate that and it means something coming from you I’ve always loved your site <3

  43. Kelsey says:

    Yay! new layout! And you should know, this one looks excellent in my browser. ;) Good news, right? Can’t believe you spent 36 hours making it though! I thought I was insane for spending 15 or so on mine. I would have gone crazy if I had to spend any more time on it. Don’t think I would have stayed up that late trying to finish it either; you need your beauty sleep.

    That’s funny about Lee; sometimes you say you’re not tired so you force yourself to stay up but you end up knocking out. Did you at least get some sleep?

  44. Gloria says:

    Awh, thank you!

    Yeah she is better in the show. Kinda wish they had Meredith in it too. I liked her better than Bonnie, lol. I KNOW!!! Gaaaah I hate that Elena like leads Damon on but then goes off with Stefan :( That is just so damn rude.

  45. Gloria says:

    I <3 when he shows his sweet side. Just want to hug him and never let go, lol.
    Omygosh I know!! I saw some of the pictures of them in Paris. *jealous*
    So it's about the weekend. Have any plans?

  46. Summer says:


  47. Kenzie says:

    Hey Mel! Haven’t been by your site in a long time! How are you doing today?

  48. Kenzie says:

    I’m doing good! just occupying myself with loads of corny walks and just walking to the park. and that’s great<3

  49. Tiffany says:

    I kinda want to delete him on facebook, lol does that sound bad? I don’t really want to talk to him anymore, yet I commented on his picture. Plus this is an online friend which makes it worse. ugg yea you are right, if we are meant to be friends we will be.

    Corey and I; err haha nah not right now, but our relationship is weird. we are not just friends but we are not dating. haha I am confused

  50. shelix says:

    Hey i liked your FB page ON MY PAGE :0 cAN YOU PLEASE LIKE MINES WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE PLEASE!/pages/Sdfdesigns-Photography/111164305605762


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