like this?
here's just a live preview of the layout, if you decide to use it, you may not, take any credits off. you may however change the colors or whatnot, to your liking. don't take my stylesheets or codes, and claim them as your own.
let's be bold italicize me strike me out underline me link me

to get this layout you first need to save the header image here.
after you save it you can leave it plain, or add your site name and then upload it on your photobucket account or your own server.
now you need to copy the css and save it to your server as 'style.css'.

now you need to copy the stylesheet for the actual layout, you should save this as your 'index.html' page.

now you need to plug in your customized header image. to do so find at the beginning of your 'style.css' codes, the header div, all you have to do is plug in your image url in between the parenthesis. example:
body{background-color: #EEEAE0 !important; background-image:url (http://pastelsmash.com/websitelayouts/9/splash.png)!important; background-repeat:no-repeat!important; background-position: top right !important; overflow-x:hidden;background-attachment: fixed;}
now you can create your favorites icon, the little icon that displays by your link in your favorites. here is one i pre-made to go with this layout, if you like it save it and upload it to your server as 'favicon.ico'. if you'd rather create your own, you have to have the .ico file extension, then make it and save it on your server as 'favicon.ico'.
after that you are pretty much all set, to use the layout on more than one page, all you have to do is copy the 'index.html' and edit it to suit each page and re-name it accordingly. for example if it was a page displaying info about yourself, you edit the links and text to suit the page you are trying to create and then name the page based on what it's about like 'aboutme.html'.