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Without You | Dixie Chicks

this month has been one of the worst of my semi-short life. i have lost a lot recently, i lost my boy for reasons unbeknownst to me, i lost my job, now i’m worried about losing my new kitten T.I. like i lost Gucci, I was planning on taking him to the vet this week so i can get him checked out and know he’s healthy so i don’t spend all my time worrying about losing him, too. since i lost my job the other day, i can’t because i have no money, i’m already $20 short on my car payment this month, and i only have a half a tank of gas to take me where i need to go, such as job searching. not to mention T.I. needs cat litter and is going through his cat food like there’s no tomorrow. to add to my stress, my parents and friends are on my case about taking college classes this fall. so basically i am completely stuck, i have no idea where to go from this point. to make it worse i feel like there is no one i can talk to who will actually listen and support me, i have only found one person in my 19 years on this earth that did that, and it took me 18 1/2 years to find him. now he’s gone with little to no explanation, definitely not anything that makes any sense.

now i’m so completely stressed about everything i keep making myself nauseous everyday with worry, literally. nothing seems to go right, this new layout i hate it. even after i kept it off the site for days to make sure it’s what i wanted on the site, but it’s on now and i hate it. really, i do. the only thing that keeps me semi-sane throughout the day is putting all my attention into the site, and the occasional snuggle with T.I. music is helping me a lot, as well, but all these are only temporary fixes.

off that subject…
how do you feel about online dating sites? i know some people that are on them, i never really asked how well it’s working for them, but i know we all have the slightest opinion about them. i’m not talking about the online booty call websites, but the people that put themselves online because they want a relationship. i always thought that if i put myself on one, some serial killer would find me and chop me up into bits and pieces, but i look at some of the people at Wal-Mart and say that as well. haha.
what is your opinion?

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 @ 12:32 PM.

17 comments so far.

  1. Tiffany says:

    Aw feel better girl :) I bet it will turn around! You’ll get a better job (one where you don’t smell like french fries lol) And you’ll find a new BF! and online dating. mhm I am not against it. Probably cause I met so many people online that I am comfortable. I know my best friends sister uses them and she found some guys. I know shes dating someone right now. I think people go on it because they believe that there is someone out here for them xD

    yea I think myspace (the last time I checked, because I deleted all of my myspaces), they were on a new layout type.. that I personally think is mad ugly. And you are right FB does go fast. and it’s more about connecting then customizing. I am kind of happy that on FB there aren’t people who mismatch horrible images and like size their images and everything and add tons of graphics that look like shit. Like some myspace does.

    and nice layout :D

  2. Tiffany says:

    THis might seem stupid. But I faked hacked my myspace. haha I had 10k friends in 2008… that was my last time on it. omg 3 years. rip. I only talk to one girl from it. we use to be close, we actually live in the same state lol

    and omg that is cool your ex bf mother is helping you :) That is pretty cool! And yea everything will turn around! I liked how you did the updates. so i am not lying :P

    and no I actually like it. I like that its a little different.

  3. James says:

    I hope your worry lessens, I know what you mean, sometimes I get one thing on my mind and it just eats away at you until it seems unbearable at the least. I hope you get to go to college this fall, I am banking on grants and scholarships, otherwise I am in the same situation. I think you have a very nice website btw, would you consider being friends/link exchanges? :)

  4. Owen says:

    Yeah, I’m sure it’d be better with a friend.

    I’m guessing you’re not in the UK then? :P

    Great! :) I’ve written some Flash tutorials, come check them out :)

  5. Faye says:

    Awh man. I really hope you can pull through all of this melinda! I hope a new job pops up very soon, and I hope little t.i is ok and I just… I just want to come over there and hug you till you cant breathe and take all your worry away. :(

    I like this layout girlie! Although I think you should just merge the top and elite affies into one list >> ;P

    Anyway, mega hugs for you!

  6. Casey says:

    (CAUTIOn: this comment contains corny, sappy, and full of fail comments)

    ONe thing that i’ve found about having bad things like this happen is that you’re basically given a clean slate. It may take time to build up confidence in life really, again, but it’s not all bad (: gotta look on the bright side!

    and i’ve loved being able to compete. this is my third year in the website design team and it’s really changed me a lot. meeting new people and what not. if you’re in college you could look at post-secondary business professionals of america chapters. I think you can even join an online chapter.

    in my web mastering class i had the same issue. except my teacher would be ignorant and think that she still knew more than i did, but at the same time ask. it’s like wtf. she came to be in web 1 and asked me to take over the job of creating the new school site that web 2 was supposed to do. so it’s like. yeah……. lol.

    anyway, thanks!

  7. kayla says:

    dont worry. everything will get better, trust me.

    and, your crazy, this layouts amazing.

  8. Tiffany says:

    haha I wonder if Tom deleted it though lmfao. He probably did. I kknow now they have like weird spammers.. ick…
    yea a lot of them drifted. I usually talk to some on FB, but thats even hard now. its hard cause all our lives are at different points.

    my day is okay, i had a snow day haha. So i am off from school. I am suppose to study for midterms though >.< lmfao

    how are you?

  9. Jaclyn says:

    Hey Girl! Cheer up :( thanks for your comment on my site, I’m feeling much better actually, but it’s you that needs to get better it seems. Just recently I was in a similar situation as you, believe that things will get better, hang out with some girlfriends and just look up! Be positive :)

  10. Ashley says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever commented here before but I’m definitely not a stranger to your site. Just want to say that I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time. But we all go through crappy days/months/ even years so you’re not alone in that aspect. I hope you find some happiness soon though! =)

    As for the online dating… I think its fine but you should be just as picky there as you would be face to face. Definitely do the research first before you meet up with some creep! my uncle met his wife on a dating site. I mean, they’re divorced now but they were married for like 10 years :D

    And the layout… is amazing! I love it, I really do! I want it :D

  11. sarah says:

    Hey thanks for the sweet comment! Your site is great as well ;)

  12. Carly says:

    Chin up hun, I know exactly what you’re going through life isn’t always kind but you really should try and think positive and think of the things you do have – like the saying goes when things can’t get much worse they can only get better! :)

    p.s. The layout is gorgeous so stop worrying ;)

  13. Tiffany says:

    I am a little hurt you would delete my myspace :P haha kidding. But yea there is probably porn spam now on myspace -__- and everyone looks sketchy. everyone looks like whores on myspace. DELETE MYSPACE> haha well it’s up to you. I only had mine for a year, you must have had yours for like 3 -6 or something haha.

    Omg they are so good live! I would definitly suggest you to see them! It would be my 3rd time. They make a lot of dick jokes though. Also their fans are crazy though. A lot of them are very young.

    I agree with you, I try to plan but also let other people plan. I plan for the day before. haha that seems pretty useless. lol

  14. James says:

    You are all linked up :)
    Are things getting any better? I hope so.

  15. Owen says:

    Thank you :)

    It’s OK. She really did live an amazing life.

    I love the US, even though I’ve never been there.. Haha!

    so how’s your day been?

  16. Lubna says:

    Awww, cheer up! Even though you may be losing a lot at the moment, what with your boyfriend leaving you for no reason, and losing your job, just try to look on the brighter side and hopefully things will go well before you know it. Who knows, maybe you’re losing these things to be rewarded with better? It’d be unfair if things just kept going worse and worse for you, hopefully everything will be way better sooner or later. I hope your cat stays healthy and that you find a better job. Keep looking :)

  17. sade says:

    melinda :(
    thank you for the comment.
    please dont be sad. I dont liek this sad.
    whenever Im in a bad situation, I always think that it could be worse.

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